Bangkok Epilepsy and Sleep Center

Bangkok Epilepsy and Sleep Center


The Bangkok Comprehensive Epilepsy Program has facilities for the best quality treatments in epilepsy including evaluation and diagnosis, medical and surgical interventions, and support for adult and pediatric patients suffering from epilepsy and seizures.

BMC program has at its disposal the newest techniques for the evaluation and treatment of epilepsy including; comprehensive neurophysiological evaluation (e.g., scalp EEG, 24-hour video/EEG monitoring, subdural grid and depth electrode recording, electrocorticography, and quantitative EEG), comprehensive neuroimaging (e.g., MRI using 3T with epilepsy protocol, interictal and ictal SPECT and PET), neuropsychological testing.

Bangkok Sleep Center has a multidisciplinary group of sleep specialists (Neurology, ENT, Pulmonologists and Pediatrics) actively involved in treatment of sleep disorders aimed at determining the conditions that result in sleep disturbances and identifying successful treatments to overcome and prevent sleep disturbances in children and adults.




BMC has several kinds of sleep testing such as an over/split-night polysomnography study, PAP therapy, Nap studies (daytime polysomnograpy), Multiple sleep latency test (MSLT), EEG with full lead EEG study and actigraphy.

The new technique using EEG source imaging (ESI) and the EEG- fMRI imaging has been used to identifying the epileptogenic focus. This simultaneous EEG- fMRI will provide the opportunity to investigate spatiotemporal mechanisms of generation of epileptiform activity in the brain.

PSG with full lead EEG

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